Security risks of a current school bus

A few pieces of Montessori bus tragedy that occurred last year,Security risks of a current school bus  Articles we had to school bus safety management upgrade to a higher level up, school bus safety has not only related to road traffic safety management, but also involves the happiness of a family relationship with social stability and unity.

Therefore, to further strengthen the management of the school bus, the majority of school bus driver safety awareness and establish and improve school management mechanism on the school bus is an urgent need, it is urgent.

First, school bus safety performance poor. School bus part of individuals to buy a used car from the passenger unit, in order to save expenditure on schools and some schools even hire private vehicles of the individual’s condition is poor to shuttle students. The school bus itself there is a big security risk, so that traffic accidents greatly increased.

School Bus Overcrowding is serious. The distribution of students is very concentrated, less school buses, shuttle students to a school bus to get back and forth several times, it is difficult to profit, so a lot of school buses in order to save a trip to the oil money, to see the children and small head,

The general is can be stuffed on the number of plugs much, sometimes even over 200% of the core set of vehicles, there is a big safety problems on the safety of students. There are many private pupil transport vehicles because I wanted to make more money so sometimes a core set of 5-7 people, the van turned into some 20 students, can easily lead to accidents.

The driver’s safety awareness is relatively weak. A considerable part of the school to save money, driving on the school bus driver qualification requirements is too low, some driver’s driver’s license permission to drive does not match, some holding false road. In addition, the school bus driver quality is not high, overcrowding, speeding modification retrofit and other serious traffic violations of repeated virtually increase the security risks to students’ personal safety.

Fourth, parents and the school teacher’s awareness of traffic laws is weak. In rural areas, especially the urban-rural students ‘families and the farther the distance between the Reading School, inconvenient transportation, the affordability of the parents’ transportation costs are relatively weak, it is impossible to spend too much money on the child’s transfer.

Some little knowledge of schools, kindergartens, staff and students access to transport, schools are less necessary for traffic safety education, traffic police department alone publicity is a drop in the bucket, resulting in very poor traffic safety for students to self-protection awareness, refused to multiply illegal overcrowding of vehicles consciousness is far from forming.

Second, to strengthen the management of school bus several countermeasures

The first is to strengthen the management of the source of the school bus. To the schools to carry out the school bus and the driver of the investigation thoroughly, and clean-up and rectification work. audi dvd player In accordance with the requirements of the school bus household registration management, joint education sector transfers to area schools, kindergarten students carried out a dragnet investigation of vehicles and their drivers to regain control of the number of school buses in the area, the owner of the vehicle, the driver, run time, driving route, so that a school does not leak, do not drain a car, missed one, and traffic safety risks were found in the immediate rectification to ensure that the management measures for the implementation of the school bus.

Security risks of a current school bus

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