Wood Flooring Birmingham is a Little Different than Its Predecessors

Todays hardwood flooring is different from yester years hard wood flooring,Guest Posting especially when we are talking about wood spc supplier in UAE Baltimore. If you remember correctly, wood flooring implied the need to wax and polish them often.

Today, the idea of waxing and polishing wood flooring Baltimore is a thing of the past. Today, wood flooring is user friendly because of advances in urethane finishes. This type of finish is applied at the wood flooring Birmingham manufacturers facilities.

The Finishing process of wood flooring Birmingham

Wood flooring Baltimore as with most wood flooring has a finish applied in the factory. And this is truly a good thing, because you don’t really want the installer to have to do the finishing. It is just too messy and takes far too long.

This finish is applied in a dust free environment and many coats are applied each drying before the next one is put on. Most of this wood flooring has about six to ten coats of urethane finish, which essentially means that wood flooring Birmingham is especially made for high traffic areas, or when you want a floor that is going to last over the long haul.

Both Polyurethan and Acrylic finishes will make a very hard finish, the factory also adds some ceramic, or aluminum oxide to the urethane to make the finish even harder. Besides making the wood more durable, it also makes the wood resistant to abrasives .Then the wood flooring Birmingham is injected with acrylic to protect its fibers.

Why all this detail as to how wood flooring Birmingham is made, Well it is important to know just how durable wood flooring is. It’s the type of flooring that you know will always be around.

Not only are wood floors durable, but they are very low maintenance as well. They need vacuuming about once a week with a swipe of cleaner or shiner. They don’t host dirt or allergens. They don’t hold dust or mold. Wood flooring Birmingham is not only durable but beautiful and elegant.

This type of flooring goes with any décor and adds space, elegance, and class to any home. Just think of all the important homes in Birmingham and Im sure you will remember that they all had some kind of wood flooring.

Wood flooring is ecologically friendly. The process of manufacturing this type of floor is a lot more ecologically friendly than the manufacturing methods of other floorings. And even though trees are used in the manufacture of wood flooring, for every tree that is cut, another one is planted in its place.

Wood Flooring Birmingham is a Little Different than Its Predecessors

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